Please be advised that we have undertaken a thorough risk assessment in line with HSE and Government guidance to protect staff and visitors against the risks of COVID-19, in this regard for everybody’s protection we ask that visitors adhere to the following principles:

As a general note, in accordance with government guidelines, if you or someone you live with feels unwell with symptoms of coronavirus you should stay at home as per the following:

As per recent guidance, any member of the public visiting the office is required to wear a face covering. Please note that unless you have a valid exemption, you may not be permitted entry without one.

On entering the office – please knock on the door to gain access, on entering & exiting the office please use the hand sanitiser provided. Visitors will need to sign in and out, please ensure you have a pen with you for this purpose.

Whilst in the office please avoid touching surfaces unless absolutely necessary.

Hand washing facilities are available in the toilet, please knock before entering to ensure only 1 person uses the facilities at a time.

Please ensure you maintain 2 metres social distancing as per government guidelines at all times

The majority of our employees are continuing to work from home and we are restricting the number of visitors to the premises so there should be very minimal numbers in the office.

Thank you